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About me

I discovered Pilates in the early 2000s and after the initial shock of lying down to exercise I soon began to feel the benefits.  I had trained as a nurse in the early 1980s and after years of lifting patients, many of whom were more than twice my body weight, I found myself suffering recurrent back ache.  After the initial course of Pilates I noticed that my back ache was a thing of the past.  I also felt refreshed and de-stressed after the class – a great bonus as I had two small children at the time. 

After a break of a couple of years I found a new teacher in North Norfolk and soon found that my Pilates class was a non negotiable part of my week.  My body felt and moved better than it had done in years and I continued to feel the mental benefits of just concentrating on me and my body for an hour.

And so I decided to re-train as a Pilates matwork teacher and embarked on a year long course run by the Pilates Foundation in London.  My tutors were Hana Jones, Susanne Lahausen and Sonia Noonan, all founder members of the Pilates Foundation. 

The Pilates Foundation is recognized by the NHS Trusts Association in its Directory of Health Service Providers.

Since qualifying I have tried to broaden my knowledge by attending workshops including Pilates and Osteoporosis, Pilates and the Hypermobile Client, and Reading the Body.  I continue to work on my own body too, taking regular classes with Jennifer Dufton. 


Member of Pilates Foundation